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Pusheen already knows the joy of a warm loaf of bread, and for today’s Fan Friday, one creative fan is helping us take it one step further!

We’re turning the spotlight on Sachi Chen, who’s baked a loaf of sourdough bread shaped just like Pusheen! The additional detail of a cozy knit sweater on the crust is certainly an appetizing touch.  Get a closer look at this baked treat and more delectable creations from Sachi on her Instagram, @sourdoughwithsachi.

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Today’s Fan Friday is a deliciously cute snack featuring Pugsheen!

This tasty rice art has been crafted to look exactly like Pugsheen, from her adorably round nose all the way to her unmistakably curly tail. Pugsheen fan, Michaela, created this treat along with some assistance from her friend, Yvonne, who helped to illustrate a how-to guide to make your own Pugsheen rice treat at home!

You can see more fun food creations from these two on Instagram at @cutechichai and @eatyourmonsters.

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April is here and spring is almost in full bloom!

While you watch and wait for flowers to bloom, why not get inspired to create some of your own, like this week’s fan, ppushek? We can’t resist the adorable fuzziness of this needlepoint of Pusheen with her very own crown of flowers. These vibrant colors give the perfect vibe for the season!

You can see more of ppushek’s crafts over on their Instagram, @ppushek.

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Fridays with Pusheen are pretty great, but even better is a Friday with Pusheen and pizza!

For this week’s Fan Friday, we’re taking a closer look at Robbin Gregorio’s tribute to the pizza obsessed Pusheen. And when we say a closer look, we really mean it— this meticulously crafted paper cut-out is just a few inches tall! Pusheen is already able to get comfy just about anywhere, but she looks cozier than ever enjoying a slice of pepperoni in a cute little paper box. What a perfect way to spend a Friday!

You can see more of Robbin’s art on his Instagram, @robgregorio.

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This week’s Fan Friday has us in the Halloween spirit with these truly Pusheen inspired needlepoint embroideries from Cynthia!  We’re not sure which we like best— Pusheen imitating a pumpkin (or is a pumpkin imitating Pusheen?) or Witch Pusheen snacking on a treat on top of a jack-o-lantern. We’ve featured both so thankfully, we don’t have to choose!

You can see more of Cynthia’s art over on her Instagram, @critically_enraged.

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