Today’s Fan Friday features one of the cutest batches of cookies we’ve ever seen!

These delightful cookies come to us compliments of Jean from @the.baking.experiment. She’s created an entire collection of cookies to celebrate the many vibrant styles and personas of Pusheen! From classic Pusheen to Pugsheen, it’s hard to pick just one favorite.

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Today’s Fan Friday is featuring a fresh twist on a favorite snack— and our favorite feline!

These delicious cookies come to us from Katrina, a baker who’s taken inspiration from the fierce Pusheenosaurus to create these imaginative treats. She’s combined the familiar green hues of our prehistoric Pusheen and avocados for a truly spot-on batch of macarons!

To see more of Katrina’s culinary creations, check out her Instagram page, @sugardevotion.

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We’re hatching something ferociously fun for today’s Fan Friday!

This week, we’re featuring a Mesozoic manicure from Gabycela, a nail artist with an eye for colors, nature, and of course, Pusheenosaurus! She’s gone above and beyond to share this amazing nail art featuring Pusheenosaurus popping out of an adorable egg for one dino-mite surprise.

You can see even more of Gabycela’s nail art creations on her Instagram, @gabycela.

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