Name: Cheek

Gender: Boy

Birthday: May 10th

Best Feature: Mysterious cheeks. What does he keep in there?

Bio: Cheek is a small yellow hamster with a rosy blush. His favorite hobby is baking in his miniature kitchen and then sharing the treats with his larger animal friends. He hasn’t noticed that his creations are bite-sized, and everyone’s too nice to point it out.

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Name: Pip

Gender: Boy

Birthday: June 24th

Best Feature: Soft but also pointy

Bio: Pip is Pusheen and Stormy’s little brother. He’s adventurous, fearless, and frequently causes trouble. His favorite hobby is following his big sisters around, copying them, asking them questions, and sliding his paws under any door that separates them from him. Wants to be a wolf when he grows up.

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Name: Pusheen

Gender: Girl

Birthday: February 18th

Best Feature: Toes look like beans

Bio: Pusheen is a sweet, curious, lazy, & plump tabby cat that loves to have adventures. Her hobbies include blogging, snacking, taking naps, and being a unicorn/mermaid/dinosaur/various wild animals/a trio of pastel aliens on occasion.

In a parallel universe with a mysterious connection to our own, Pusheen is a Pug.

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Name: Sloth

Gender: Boy

Birthday: August 8th

Best Feature: Handsome face

Bio: Sloth is thoughtful, quiet, and takes his time in all things. He and Pusheen enjoy lazing around together. His hobbies include yoga and looking out windows. Although his facial expression doesn’t vary much, his friends don’t have any trouble understanding him. He’s always there to support the ones he cares about. Like, physically, with his arms.

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Name: Stormy

Gender: Girl

Birthday: October 24th

Best Feature: Very curly

Bio: Stormy is Pusheen’s little sister and best friend. Her hobbies include adventuring, intellectual pursuits, and grooming herself. She idolizes Pusheen and does her best to be a comparable role model to their little brother, Pip.

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Name: Bo

Gender: Girl

Birthday: March 16th

Best Feature: Feet are also hands

Bio: Bo is a small blue parakeet with big dreams. She aspires to be a world renowned interior designer and to find her soulmate. Her hobbies include decorating the homes of plastic fashion dolls and harboring secret crushes.

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