It’s Game Night!

Pusheen makes her gaming debut with her first ever card game from Ravensburger! In Pusheen Purrfect Pick Card Game2-5 players play to see who can assemble the perfect weekend by collecting friends, snacks, and more. Move Pusheen across the double-sided board to collect cards to capture snapshots of all the fun and collect stars— the first player to collect ten stars is the winner!


Take snapshots by finding cards with friends like Bo and Sloth along with items like cupcakes, hot chocolate, gems, and rainbows. Finding the required cards for each snapshot is the key to gaining stars, but be on the lookout— not only are there highly valued 5-star snapshots, but some snapshots even offer extra bonuses to interfere with your opponents’ progress!

Snapshots like Treat Yourself let you swap snapshots with another player to nab their stars while Mine All Mine allows you take an item card back from the discard pile. Keep an eye out for Action cards in the Essentials deck to help you gain additional friends and items and even help turn the tide in your favor!



Pusheen Purrfect Pick Card Game is a perfect pick for your own weekend or game night with friends and family! The game is easy to pick up and learn with many strategies to keep everyone playing again and again. Plus, the high quality glossy game board is double-sided, so players can collect stars and snapshots in Pusheen’s cozy house or out at the park!

You can find Pusheen Purrfect Pick Card Game over at Pusheen Shop right now or on the shelf at your local game store. Pusheen Purrfect Pick Card Game is also available to Canadian fans through online retailer, Indigo. The game makes a great gift for the game-loving Pusheen fan in your life or keep a copy on hand for a cozy game night indoors with friends and family.

Start playing and create some fun memories of your own!