Enter to win a Pusheen Sweets Shop Prize Pack!

ONE (1) lucky winner will receive:

One (1) copy of Let’s Bake: A Pusheen Cookbook

One (1) Donut Mini Squisheen

One (1) Ice Cream Sandwich Mini Squisheen

One (1) Macaron Mini Squisheen

One (1) Swiss Roll Mini Squisheen

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Giveaway available in US only.

We’re serving up an unbelievably sweet collection of new arrivals at Pusheen Shop!

Pusheen’s love for desserts serves as the inspiration behind The Sweets Shop, a collection of dreamy pastel apparel, plush and more! We think you’ll adore the entire menu of these sweet treats!

The Sweets Shop features the debut of new dessert-themed Mini Squisheens at Pusheen Shop. Add a cute little treat to your plush collection with these fun-sized 4” Squisheens shaped like a frosty Ice Cream Sandwich, a super soft Donut, a colorful Macaron, or a delicate Swiss Roll (topped with a strawberry, of course).

If you have a more sizable sweet tooth, we’ve got your appetite covered with the 12” tall Donut Squisheen. No matter which sugary delight you choose, these plush cuties are the perfect treat to sweeten up any day.

Also, make sure to check out the new exclusive tees only available at Pusheen Shop! The unisex Piece of Cake Tee is the icing on top of any cool and colorful outfit, while the Meowcaron Ladies Tee adds a playful touch to your latest springtime look. Both tees are available now at Pusheen Shop.

Check out The Sweets Shop today to get a closer look at all the fresh made goodies in store for you!

Meet the world’s softest Pusheen plush toys

The world’s cutest cat is back, and now she’s squishier than ever! Say hello to Squisheen, your loveable, adorable, and oh-so-squeezable new friend. She comes in six different styles and makes a purr-fect cuddle companion.

Wondering what makes Squisheens so delightfully soft and squishy? They’re made with a brand new ultra-stretchy fabric and full of the most snuggable stuffing we could possibly find. In every style and size, Pusheen is seen wearing her classic smile (of course). What we love most about these kitties (besides how squishy they are) is all of their rich and textured details, including Pusheen’s signature grey stripes, tiny paws, and adorable little tails.

And just when you thought she couldn’t get any cuter, Squisheens are also available in a brand new pose— The Log! This pose has her lounging on her belly like a lazy little loaf (like any of us would after a long day, let’s be honest) and, of course, you can also still find her in her classic upright sitting pose. Each style is available in Mini, Medium, and Large sizes so you’ll have always have room for a perfectly squeezable, smooshable friend to take with you no matter where you go.

The Mini Squisheens are plump little bundles of love who fit perfectly on your desk or in your hand for optimal squishing. The Medium Squisheens are the perfect size for cuddles and squeezes, and fit snugly in your lap. And if you’re looking for the ultimate cuddling experience, the Large Squisheen is just for you. These humongous huggable kitties are ready for you to curl up and sink into them.

This plush Pusheen is ready for nonstop cuddles and she’ll be right at home lounging comfortably on your bed or couch. Snuggle up with your new Squisheen while you binge-watch your favorite series, call a friend, or take a cat nap– the paw-sibilities are endless! Squisheens are available now, and you can find yours today in the Squisheen Collection at Pusheen Shop.