Let’s take a closer look this Fan Friday at this phenomenal Super Pusheenicorn Pie all the way from Pies Are Awesome. Take a look at the unbelievable rainbow of colors decorating the lattice of this delicious apple pie— simply stunning!

See her original post on Instagram, @thepieous, for an even closer look at how she created such a colorful masterpiece of a dessert.

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We love pizza. We love cookies. And we love Pusheen! One of our talented fans got the idea to combine all three to make some creatively delicious treats!

These cookies from Christina’s Cupcakes are specially decorated with all the tasty toppings of pizza slices and Pusheen’s excitement to dive right into the perfect Friday snack!

You can find even more delicious creations from this artist on her Instagram, @christinascupcakes.

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Any great dessert should be shared and we love getting to share these amazing sweets with all our fans for Fan Friday!

This week, we’re enjoying some lovely desserts created by Joanne. Pusheen is decorated onto these cookies with snacks of her own to share! Along with vibrant tulips, these snacks show a heartfelt way to show your friends how much they are appreciated!

You can see more of Joanne’s creations on her Instagram, @burberriejam.

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Help us wish Cheek an early Happy Birthday with today’s Fan Friday!

Cheek is famous for his love of food and amazing skills in the kitchen, so it seems only natural to celebrate this little guy’s big day with some Cheek inspired treats! These small cakes were created by Wanwantea and feature Cheek’s small details, including his iconic rosy red cheeks! It’s certainly the perfect way to celebrate the birthday of our favorite hamster chef!

You can see even more of Wanwantea’s delectable delights on Instagram, @wanwantea.

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Make way for Pusheenimals!

This week’s Fan Friday showcases these delightful Pusheenimal cookies by Rox from RoxStarBakes! The sweet decorative details really bring these cookies to life, from the cute and cuddly Seal Pusheen all the way to the fierce and fabulous Lionsheen.

Rox even has shared a clip showing her Pusheenimal cookies in action!

You can see even more of Rox’s baked creations on her Instagram, @roxstarbakes!

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Celebrating the Creativity of Pusheen Fans All Week Long!

As we reach the end of this weeks’ Fan Showcase, it’s time to party with even more cake!

Today we’re taking a delicious look at this Pusheen birthday cake created by Feby Christina. With lots of colorful frosting, sprinkles, and marshmallows, this cake is absolutely loaded up with some of Pusheen’s most favorite sweets! We adore the added ice cream cone to help top off the whole cake to match Pusheen’s own party hat!

You can see even more of Feby’s colorful cakes on her Instagram, @sweetpeachcake.

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What’s the most important meal of the day? Breakfast!Today’s Fan Friday shows us how to make breakfast extra special, courtesy of fan theBreakfasteur.

They’ve assembled a super cute breakfast featuring a warm bowl of porridge in the shape of Pusheen and another as Pugsheen! We love the cute details too, especially the small candy in Pusheen’s hands. What a sweet addition to an already fun meal!

You can see more of theBreakfasteur’s creations over on the Instagram, @thebreakfasteur.

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Today’s Fan Friday brings us the cake of our dreams with this magical cake created by Adriana Ojeda. We love how gracefully Pusheenicorn is balancing flawlessly with her tail- it’s almost like magic!

You can check out more of Adriana’s fantastic fantasy inspired creations on her Instagram, @royalcupcakespy.

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