Stay inside on a rainy day with these adorable treats!

April showers bring more than just May flowers—they also bring delicious desserts, perfect for sharing with Pusheen!

For this week’s Fan Friday, we’ve turned our attention to these absolutely delightful cookies baked by Joanne. Joanne creates cookies, cakes, and more that are just as sweet to admire as they are to eat.

One of her recent creations features colorful cookies inspired by Pusheen’s springtime raincoat outfit. These tiny Pusheens are ready to go out and splash around in some puddles with her froggy friend! The scene is taken to the next level with adorable complimentary umbrella and raindrop cookies too.

You can find more of Joanne’s other delicious treats over on her Instagram (@burberriejam) and blog!

And if you’re spending your rainy days inside baking your own Pusheen inspired sweets, use #PusheenFanFriday to share any photos of your treats with us!

Don’t forget to bring an umbrella!

Winter is finally over, and the latest forecast is calling for April showers and adorable grey kittens! It’s officially time to spring into some brand new looks for the season, and our Raincoat Pusheen Plush is springing out of control with cuteness. Pusheen is now ready for even the rainiest day with her stylish, bright yellow raincoat and matching yellow hat.

At thirteen inches long, this Pusheen plush is the perfect size to nestle in your arms and share your umbrella! Her slick yellow raincoat has a light blue collar, blue buttons, and a handy front pocket. Pusheen sports her signature smile and a custom made rain hat, featuring small cutouts for her adorable ears to peek out and enjoy the sounds of spring showers.

Pusheen’s new outfit is inspired by one of our favorite spring-themed Pusheen art posts! In this scene, Pusheen checks off several key items on everyone’s spring to-do list; splashing in puddles, spending time with friends outside, and rocking that one outfit you’ve been waiting all season to finally wear.

So shake off those winter blues and dive into a brand new season of snuggles. The skies may be cloudy, but the Raincoat Pusheen Plush won’t let that stop her from living her best life– and neither should you! This rain ready cutie is available now exclusively on Pusheen Shop.