pusheen the cat

Pusheen’s got all the qualifications that make her the perfect professional cat— she’s cute, she’s fuzzy, and she’s mastered the fine art of taking perfectly timed naps on keyboards.

In our newest quiz, the Pusheen Career Aptitude Test (or C.A.T. for short) will help you determine the purr-fect occupation for you. Are you suited for a career in the arts or maybe even education? Or perhaps you’re destined for a career working with cats…

Take the Pusheen Career Aptitude (C.A.T.) Quiz today to find out and share your results! Plus, find even more Pusheen quizzes in the Fun section!

Ice cream lovers, rejoice! Pusheen & the ARTBOX Cafe have teamed up to bring Pusheen fans in the UK the ultimate snack parlour experience with this exciting new pop-up cafe!

Guests will have the chance to indulge in an entire menu of delectable Pusheen treats including one of kind Pusheen themed sundaes and waffles.

Exclusive Pusheen goodies will also be available, including a brand new enamel pin, available only at the cafe, plus a variety of products shipped in directly from Pusheen Shop.

Pusheen x ARTBOX Cafe opens its doors Sunday, August 11th at:


5-6 East Street
Brighton BN1 1HP
United Kingdom


To stay up to date with more information on the Pusheen x ARTBOX cafe, visit ARTBOX’s Facebook and Instagram.


Did you know Sloth’s birthday was on August 8th? Okay, so we might be just a little slow on wishing Sloth a happy birthday, but that still won’t stop us from celebrating well into the weekend with this week’s Fan Friday!

This delectable collection of cookies created by Joanne have been decorated with a variety of cuddly Sloth and Pusheen poses. We can’t think of a better snack to have at our side for those lazy weekend afternoons. Sloth’s even here to make sure that these cookies capture his good side— he’s very good at staying still for reference poses.

You can see even more of Joanne’s decorated desserts on her Instagram, @burberriejam.

If you’ve made any delicious Pusheen and crew creations of your own, share them with ususing #PusheenFanFriday for your chance to be featured on Pusheen.com!


We’ve teamed up again with IT’SUGAR to throw the sweetest Pusheen party this summer and you’re cordially invited to join in on the fun!

Come celebrate with Pusheen at IT’SUGAR candy stores across the country with giveaways, photo ops, cotton candy, and more! You’ll also be able to get your paws on the new coconut and pineapple Pusheen plushes available exclusively at IT’SUGAR.

Parties will be held throughout the summer from 4PM – 7PM at participating IT’SUGAR locations:


Fashion Island (Newport Beach, CA), August 8th

Rockville Town Square (Rockville, MD), August 15th

Legacy Place (Dedham, MA), August 22nd

Mall of America (Bloomington, MN), August 29th

Southpoint (Durham, NC), September 5th

Scottsdale Quarter (Scottsdale, AZ), September 12th


More details about each event can be found over on IT’SUGAR’s Facebook page. See you at the party!


Pastry chef and baker La Casita de Azucar is behind this astonishing pastel rainbow cake in this week’s Fan Friday. We love all the fun little details baked into this dessert— especially the mesmerizing colors of the donuts and sprinkles adorning the entire thing. Pusheen is certainly in her element, on top of the cake and ready to party surrounded by sweets and presents!

You can find more baked treats from this artist on their Instagram, @la.casitadeazucar.

If you’ve have any Pusheen fan art worth celebrating, share it using #PusheenFanFriday for your chance to be featured on Pusheen.com!


Pusheen has become even rounder than ever in this week’s Fan Friday thanks to these steamed buns made by Susanne Ng! We can’t believe how adorable they are, with tiny a ice cream and cookie for each Pusheen to hold for added cuteness. These steamed buns look so soft, we want to cuddle with them just as much as we’d love to have a few as a midday snack.

You can see even more of Susanne’s creations on her Instagram, @Susanne.decochiffon.

If you’ve created your own delicious Pusheen fan art, be sure to share using #PusheenFanFriday for your chance to be featured here on Pusheen.com!


This week’s Fan Friday features a dessert that’s fit for a king— the King of the Jungle, that is.

This pride of Lionsheen cupcakes decorated by the talented Christinascupcakes are just as regal as the actual Lionsheen thanks to their fiery manes and ferocious faces. We’re absolutely wild about these cupcakes and roaring for a chance to get our paws on a few!

You can see even more culinary creations by Christascupcakes on her Instagram, @christinascupcakes.

And if you’ve been rocking any recent Pusheen fan art, share it using #PusheenFanFriday for your chance to be featured on Pusheen.com!


If you served up this meal for lunch, we’d say you certainly sealed the deal on our affection! That’s certainly the case for this week’s Fan Friday, an adorable pairing of salad and Sealsheen inspired onigiri dished up by pusheenlicious. This artist has assembled a buffet of Pusheen treats before and their recent Sealsheen inspired rice pop and rice donut on display here have definitely stolen our hearts!

You can find more of pusheenlicious’ edible creations on their Instagram, @pusheenlicious.

If you’ve cooked up any Pusheen fan art of your own, share it using #PusheenFanFriday for your chance to be featured on Pusheen.com!