We’ve teamed up again with IT’SUGAR to throw the sweetest Pusheen party this summer and you’re cordially invited to join in on the fun!

Come celebrate with Pusheen at IT’SUGAR candy stores across the country with giveaways, photo ops, cotton candy, and more! You’ll also be able to get your paws on the new coconut and pineapple Pusheen plushes available exclusively at IT’SUGAR.

Parties will be held throughout the summer from 4PM – 7PM at participating IT’SUGAR locations:


Fashion Island (Newport Beach, CA), August 8th

Rockville Town Square (Rockville, MD), August 15th

Legacy Place (Dedham, MA), August 22nd

Mall of America (Bloomington, MN), August 29th

Southpoint (Durham, NC), September 5th

Scottsdale Quarter (Scottsdale, AZ), September 12th


More details about each event can be found over on IT’SUGAR’s Facebook page. See you at the party!

Exclusive Raincoat Pusheen Plush Giveaway

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TEN (10) lucky winners will receive their very own well-dressed Pusheen delivered right to their door!

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Meet the world’s softest Pusheen plush toys

The world’s cutest cat is back, and now she’s squishier than ever! Say hello to Squisheen, your loveable, adorable, and oh-so-squeezable new friend. She comes in six different styles and makes a purr-fect cuddle companion.

Wondering what makes Squisheens so delightfully soft and squishy? They’re made with a brand new ultra-stretchy fabric and full of the most snuggable stuffing we could possibly find. In every style and size, Pusheen is seen wearing her classic smile (of course). What we love most about these kitties (besides how squishy they are) is all of their rich and textured details, including Pusheen’s signature grey stripes, tiny paws, and adorable little tails.

And just when you thought she couldn’t get any cuter, Squisheens are also available in a brand new pose— The Log! This pose has her lounging on her belly like a lazy little loaf (like any of us would after a long day, let’s be honest) and, of course, you can also still find her in her classic upright sitting pose. Each style is available in Mini, Medium, and Large sizes so you’ll have always have room for a perfectly squeezable, smooshable friend to take with you no matter where you go.

The Mini Squisheens are plump little bundles of love who fit perfectly on your desk or in your hand for optimal squishing. The Medium Squisheens are the perfect size for cuddles and squeezes, and fit snugly in your lap. And if you’re looking for the ultimate cuddling experience, the Large Squisheen is just for you. These humongous huggable kitties are ready for you to curl up and sink into them.

This plush Pusheen is ready for nonstop cuddles and she’ll be right at home lounging comfortably on your bed or couch. Snuggle up with your new Squisheen while you binge-watch your favorite series, call a friend, or take a cat nap– the paw-sibilities are endless! Squisheens are available now, and you can find yours today in the Squisheen Collection at Pusheen Shop.

Don’t forget to bring an umbrella!

Winter is finally over, and the latest forecast is calling for April showers and adorable grey kittens! It’s officially time to spring into some brand new looks for the season, and our Raincoat Pusheen Plush is springing out of control with cuteness. Pusheen is now ready for even the rainiest day with her stylish, bright yellow raincoat and matching yellow hat.

At thirteen inches long, this Pusheen plush is the perfect size to nestle in your arms and share your umbrella! Her slick yellow raincoat has a light blue collar, blue buttons, and a handy front pocket. Pusheen sports her signature smile and a custom made rain hat, featuring small cutouts for her adorable ears to peek out and enjoy the sounds of spring showers.

Pusheen’s new outfit is inspired by one of our favorite spring-themed Pusheen art posts! In this scene, Pusheen checks off several key items on everyone’s spring to-do list; splashing in puddles, spending time with friends outside, and rocking that one outfit you’ve been waiting all season to finally wear.

So shake off those winter blues and dive into a brand new season of snuggles. The skies may be cloudy, but the Raincoat Pusheen Plush won’t let that stop her from living her best life– and neither should you! This rain ready cutie is available now exclusively on Pusheen Shop.


We Have Something Very Egg-citing to Share With You!


We’re thrilled to announce that we have recently discovered the newest (and oldest) species of Pusheen— Dinosheens! Our research has yielded valuable information about the lifestyles of these six prehistoric creatures. Below is a summary of our findings.

The Pterodactyl is a precious purple Dinosheen with magnificent flappy wings (made for both flying and hugging). If you need a pal that keeps her feet on the ground but her head in the clouds, look no further than The Brachiosaurus. With three times the horns and three times the cuteness, this next Dinosheen is the absolute tops. You can usually find the Triceratops Dinosheen hiding among the flowers.

The lovely orange Raptor Dinosheen is the most claw-some of them all. Our research suggests that she may be fierce, but her real power is in her smile. Also in her toes. Watch out for the toes…

And then, of course, there’s the Queen of the Dinosheens— The Tyrannosaurus Rex! Tiny hands are the standard among Dinosheens, so her defining feature are actually her big feet (or “stompy stomps” as we like to call them in the scientific community). Rounding out this prehistoric pack is the original Dinosheen herself, the classic Pusheenosaurus! She sports spikes all down her back and a grumpy expression capable of scaring off any potential predator.  

The most exciting discovery of all? Mini Dinosheen blind eggs are now available in the Pusheen Shop! Unearth your very own Dinosheen egg and reveal what new friend is hiding inside. Crack open the mystery and collect all eight! 


This rainy day Pusheen is looking good enough to eat!

With April showers on the way, this is one cake we wouldn’t be nervous to leave out in the rain—we’re absolutely obsessed with this cuddly cake crafted by Susanne Ng! Susanne is all about baking kawaii chiffon cakes and has taken inspiration from Pusheen Shop’s exclusive Raincoat Pusheen plush toy for her latest confectionery creation.

While we adore how scrumptiously soft Pusheen looks here, it’s the little details on the matching raincoat ensemble that really take the cake. The blue trimming, buttons, and pocket are such a purr-fect match that we almost feel bad about how much we want to try a bite—almost!

You can see some more of the other Pusheen cakes that Susanne has put together in the past by checking out her Instagram at @susanne.decochiffon, where’s she always sharing her latest delectable projects.

For even more of Susanne’s work, you can find her on Facebook too!

And don’t forget to tag us using #PusheenFanFriday whenever you’re sharing photos of any Pusheen-inspired desserts you create!