Shop the Exclusive New Collection

Pusheen Shop’s newest collection is now in full bloom— The Botanical Collection!

Our newest summer-time collection of apparel and accessories is inspired by Pusheen’s love for nature and its vibrant colors.

The Botanical Collection features breezy relaxed cuts and  neutral tonescomplemented by subtle pops of color. With exclusive items in all fits and sizes, this collection offers a warm update to anyone’s summer wardrobe.

Pusheen Terra Cotta Unisex Tee

Add some earthy natural tones to your outfit with the Pusheen Terra Cotta Unisex Tee. Available through 4X-Large.

Pusheen Citrus Ladies Tee

The flowy look of the Pusheen Citrus Ladies Tee introduces a medley of sweet colors to your summer aesthetic.

Pusheen Field Notebook Set Photo

Keep the Pusheen Field Notebook Set handy to capture any notes or observations made while out and about. The vibrant printed pattern will help you blend in with the foliage, while the more minimalist natural kraft design is a classic understated choice.

Pusheen Branch Out Tote Bag Photo

Expand your bag collection with the Pusheen Branch Out Tote Bag. Great for bringing home a fresh haul from the farmers market or carrying snacks and supplies for a casual outdoor adventure.

These items and more are waiting to be picked by you exclusively at Pusheen Shop!