Summer is prime party season and July is the perfect month for chilling and grilling with friends outside! We love the sizzle of a hot grill and that first refreshing sip of an icy drink, whether at a cookout, block party, barbecue, beach blast, you name it!

Here are a few tips to help you party this summer, Pusheen style. Pusheen definitely knows a thing or two about partying and has inspired our guide for making the most of your biggest summer bash!

1. Find the perfect summer outfit

Any party expert knows that you should always arrive fashionably late… or just plain fashionable!

With an outdoor party, it’s important to wear an outfit that looks and feels both breezy and comfortable. This is definitely the perfect opportunity for your favorite summer shorts and a fun printed button up to make their grand debut!

Our favorite outfits this summer start with the Pusheen Party Romper from Pusheen Shop. The romper can be dressed up with sunglasses, metallic sandals, and hoop earrings or down with comfy flip flops and a sunhat. For more formal affairs, we’ve also found the Pusheen Button-Up Party Dress to be a crisp summer look for both a party-goer and welcoming host.

2. Bring a dish to share

Even if you aren’t the hosting the party, you can still be a helpful guest and bring a snack or side to share!

Not sure what to bring? Our favorite shareables are inspired by some of Pusheen’s favorite snacks; Chips and salsa, homemade ice cream, and Pusheen stamped cookies are all great for sharing and snacking. Just don’t expect to have any leftover to throw in a doggie bag!

For the serious bakers out there, you can get inspired to try your hand at desserts like these delightful Sailor Pusheen cupcakes or Pugsheen Macarons cooked up by some of our adventurous fans.

If you bring a drink to share, we recommend bringing a few printable Pusheen Straw Umbrellas to get everyone in the festive mood. Construct a few ahead of time or bring them as a fun activity for everyone to make their own!

3. Create the perfect summer playlist

Creating a party playlist is an acquired skill, but we know you’re up to the challenge!

When selecting music for a party playlist, there’s a lot to take into consideration—Who’s at the party? Are you planning on an energetic event or a more chill outing? Do you play the hits or introduce your friends to your favorite new band? Answer these questions and search your music library to assemble the perfect playlist to score your summer memories to.

The next challenge is finding a way to start the music. If you’re hosting the party, this is easy, but if you’re not, then you have to get creative. A good wireless speaker should be small with good sound to reach the entire party, like the portable Pizza Pusheen Mini Speaker. If you’re feeling brave, set up your speaker, put that bad boy on loop, and just hit play.

If the playlist is a huge success, be prepared for a dance party to break out at any time.  When in doubt, just make like Pusheen and shake your tail to the beat of the song!

4. Prepare for fireworks!

The party has begun to wind down and the sun is setting, which means it’s almost time for fireworks!

If you know ahead of time that a show is in the cards, make sure to bring everything you need to enjoy in comfort and style. When sprawling out on a blanket for a full view of the sky, the Pusheen & Stormy Throw Pillow is the perfect place to lay your head as you wait for the show to begin.

Before you get comfy though, remember to take care of your pets who might not be as big a fan of fireworks as you are. Keep them inside or at home where they can’t escape easily if they are easily startled by loud noises. Take a cue from Sloth and make your cat friends as comfortable as possible in preparation.

With all that taken care of, it’s time to sit back and enjoy some fireworks. Especially after such a successful party, you’ve earned it!