Over the last two years, we’ve enjoyed celebrating the passion and creativity of our fans with our weekly Fan Friday posts on As we continue into 2021, we have decided to move Fan Fridays to the official Pusheen Instagram, @Pusheen. We will still be spotlighting some of our favorite fan creations, so if you’ve recently created your own art inspired by Pusheen, please use #PusheenFanFriday to share with us for your chance to be featured!


You can still browse through past Fan Friday entries right here on to get inspired to create your own art too!


Once again, we’d just like to say thank you to everyone who’s shared their art with us!  We love seeing everything that you create with Pusheen and her friends. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to keep up with any future fan celebrations, as well as updates on all things Pusheen!

Today’s Fan Friday is a deliciously cute snack featuring Pugsheen!

This tasty rice art has been crafted to look exactly like Pugsheen, from her adorably round nose all the way to her unmistakably curly tail. Pugsheen fan, Michaela, created this treat along with some assistance from her friend, Yvonne, who helped to illustrate a how-to guide to make your own Pugsheen rice treat at home!

You can see more fun food creations from these two on Instagram at @cutechichai and @eatyourmonsters.

Have you been creatively inspired by Pusheen or Pugsheen recently? Share with us using #PusheenFanFriday for your chance to be featured here on!


Our imaginations are fired up for this Fan Friday with this colorful tribute to Dragonsheen!

This fiery watercolor painting comes to us from Aquabun. We absolutely adore the colors used to bring the mystical Dragonsheen to life! Aquabun even features a step by step video of how they created this piece on their Instagram.

Has the imagination of Pusheen inspired you to create fan art of your own? Share with us using #PusheenFanFriday for your chance to see your art featured here on!


Female hand holds a Narwhal Pusheen-themed cake pop. A Seal Pusheen and another Narwhal Pusheen cake pop are laying next to it surrounded by pink flowers and a white marble backdrop.We’re diving under the sea for this week’s Fan Friday, with two adorable Pusheenimals; Narwhal Pusheen and Seal Pusheen!

We simply can’t resist these delectable cake pops from Christina (@christinascupcakes). Each whimsical cake pop captures our Pusheenanimals friends perfectly, right now down to their sweetly crafted chocolate fins! They look so delicious that it’ll be hard not to eat them all!

You can see even more of Christina’s stunning creations on her Instagram, @christinascupcakes.

Have you created any inspiring Pusheen treats lately? Share them with us using #PusheenFanFriday for your chance to be featured here on!