This Fan Friday, we’re changing things up a bit with a fantastic treat of our favorite pup!

This adorable dessert comes to us from @waiyikeki, who’s created this delicious looking cheesecake. A treat this appetizingly cute is certainly enough to make one’s tail wag with delight!

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Pugsheen is the star of this week’s Fan Friday thanks to the work of Voxel_Dude! Inspired by Pugsheen’s irresistible doggy charms and his previous tribute to Pusheen, Voxel_Dude has created a cube-shaped retro-style Pugsheen. From her head to her curly tail, Pugsheen might be looking a little less round, however, she’s still just as cute and lovable, even in her new shape!

You can see more of Voxel_Dude’s art over on his Instagram, @voxel_dude.

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This week’s Fan Friday is going to the dogs! These Pugsheen macarons created by Stephanie are made with a dreamy raspberry rose buttercream filling and are so adorably bite-sized that they already have us begging for seconds. These pupsters make for the perfect finger-food to go along with her on-point Pugsheen manicure. Frankly, we find her style to be quite fetch-ing!

Find more of Stephanie’s custom nail art over on her Instagram, @jeealee.

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