It’s time to spring into new outfits!

Looking to freshen up your closet for Spring? Try these new styles from Pusheen Shop! These new styles are perfect for every activity from hosting a garden party with friends or just watching the clouds go by outside with your own feline friend by your side.

First up: The Pusheen Varisity Hoodie Dress. This dress sports a mid-thigh hem and short sleeves to keep you cool on the go. Add this fun modern look to your wardrobe with its striking pink, white, and black colors with a classic varsity-style Pusheen emblem over the chest. Try pairing this with a ponytail and your fave pair of sneakers for that ideal sporty aesthetic. With a soft cotton-blend terrycloth fabric, this dress is one of our cornerstone pieces this spring thanks to a super soft hood and our absolute favorite feature—pockets! (You’re welcome.)

This spring also heralds the return of one of our favorite designs, the Pocket Tee, but now with a new twist; the Pusheen Ladies Collared Pocket Tee has a sleek black design with a white Peter Pan style collar. This tee’s ultra-soft fabric makes it ideal for both work and play, so you can wear it just about anywhere! Wherever you go, you’ll be carrying an adorable minimalist style Pusheen with you in the tee’s chest pocket.

Of course, we have a new restock of the original fan favorite Pusheen Unisex Pocket Tee. This tee makes its grand return with a contemporary 100% cotton heather grey body and black color blocked sleeves and chest pocket. And who’s that hanging out in the pocket? Why, it’s Pusheen, peeking out to greet any new friends (and cats) you may encounter on a refreshing springtime stroll through the neighborhood!

And with the warming glow of summer fast approaching, prep your closet for tropical sunny vibes with the new Pusheenosaurus Unisex Ringer Tank. This Tank comes equipped with an electrifying mint trim that stands out against the black body of the garment, with a pattern featuring Pusheenosaurus, palm trees, and flowers that really help it sizzle with yellow and mint accents.

All these outfits are available exclusively on Pusheen Shop just in time for the spring and summer! And even better, all these items are available in sizes from XS to 4XL so everyone can find that perfect sunny look that fits just right. So whether you’re looking for an outfit to bring some cat-infused fun to your office or a cute top to keep you dry before it’s time to jump in the pool, Pusheen Shop is here to help you brighten up the sunny days ahead!

We Have Something Very Egg-citing to Share With You!


We’re thrilled to announce that we have recently discovered the newest (and oldest) species of Pusheen— Dinosheens! Our research has yielded valuable information about the lifestyles of these six prehistoric creatures. Below is a summary of our findings.

The Pterodactyl is a precious purple Dinosheen with magnificent flappy wings (made for both flying and hugging). If you need a pal that keeps her feet on the ground but her head in the clouds, look no further than The Brachiosaurus. With three times the horns and three times the cuteness, this next Dinosheen is the absolute tops. You can usually find the Triceratops Dinosheen hiding among the flowers.

The lovely orange Raptor Dinosheen is the most claw-some of them all. Our research suggests that she may be fierce, but her real power is in her smile. Also in her toes. Watch out for the toes…

And then, of course, there’s the Queen of the Dinosheens— The Tyrannosaurus Rex! Tiny hands are the standard among Dinosheens, so her defining feature are actually her big feet (or “stompy stomps” as we like to call them in the scientific community). Rounding out this prehistoric pack is the original Dinosheen herself, the classic Pusheenosaurus! She sports spikes all down her back and a grumpy expression capable of scaring off any potential predator.  

The most exciting discovery of all? Mini Dinosheen blind eggs are now available in the Pusheen Shop! Unearth your very own Dinosheen egg and reveal what new friend is hiding inside. Crack open the mystery and collect all eight!