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A stylish manicure can say a lot about a person— and this one definitely says “I love donuts!”

For this week’s Fan Friday, Hannah shows us the perfect nail art to accessorize with many of the comfy new items from the Cozy Cafe Collection at Pusheen Shop. Her nail art shown here is inspired by Pusheen’s love of donuts along with some sprinkled and glazed nail designs to match. A manicure like this pairs well for a sweet and cozy look that’s ready for fall.

To see more of Hannah’s nail art, you can check her out on Instagram, @hannah_nails_it.

If you’re getting creative with your own Pusheen-inspired fashion trends, make sure to share them with us using #PusheenFanFriday for your chance to be featured on!


There’s nothing we enjoy more this time of year than staying indoors and getting cozy. We’ve collected a few of our favorite activities that are purr-fect for fall weekends and lazy days off from school and work!

It’s game time!

Make some time on your cozy day to enjoy some board games or finish a puzzle with friends. There’s no better way to pass the time than spending an afternoon to construct a puzzle, or learn the rules to a new game you may have recently picked up!

Better yet, invite some friends over to play!

(Don’t forget to add some snacks to fuel the fun!)

Curl up with a good book

A relaxing day off is the purr-fect time to catch up on some reading. Pour yourself a fresh mug of warm tea or coffee and find your favorite reading spot, it’s time to get lost in a book or audio-book! At a loss for words to read? While we have some fun recommendations of our own, you could always take a cue from Pusheen and dive whiskers-first into some classic literature.

(And be sure to keep some page friendly snacks handy!)

Get cozy in the kitchen

With so many day-to-day responsibilities to attend to, it can be difficult finding the time to craft a homemade meal. We love the coziness that comes from cooking and baking, which is why we suggest spending some time on your cozy day cooking or baking some fun dishes! You can try a bold new recipe, make something from your favorite cookbook, or even take some inspiration from other’s creations. For some ideas, check out some of the incredible desserts featured in our Fan Fridays!

The best part is, once you’re done, you’ll have some delicious homemade treats to kick back and enjoy!

Spend some quality time with your pets

Our pets are already experts at getting cozy, so why not learn from the best? Cats and other pets make great midday nap buddies and, honestly, they could get cozy and keep you company for just about any lazy day activity. You can even take some time for a grooming session to help leave you and your animal friends feeling refreshed and relaxed.

(Plus, your pets would probably appreciate a small snack just as much as you do!)


We love donuts— almost as much as Pusheen loves them— and with the recent launch of the Cozy Cafe Collection at Pusheen Shop we are in a huge donut mood!

That’s why for this week’s Fan Friday, we’re obsessed with these donuts from culinary artist and fan, Jessica. She’s baked and decorated these incredibly cute donuts inspired by Pusheen, but with a twist— these donuts are inspired by some of the adorable Pusheenimals, Sealsheen and the Narwhal Pusheen! These majestic creatures might prefer a dip in some ice-cold water, but we’d probably be happier enjoying these with a nice hot cappuccino.

To see more of Jessica’s cooking creations, you can see more on her Instagram, @luxeandthelady.

And if you’ve made your own cozy Pusheen inspired treats or snacks, make sure to share them with us using #PusheenFanFriday for your chance to be featured here on!


We love the inviting warmth of a bustling cafe just as the seasons begin to cool down and change. A cozy cafe is the perfect place to enjoy a warm cup of coffee and freshly baked donuts. These sweet cozy treats are iconic favorites for Pusheen, which is why we’ve turned to the cafe experience for inspiration for our newest collection at Pusheen Shop!

The Cozy Cafe Collection offers Pusheen fans a way to enjoy the comfort of a warm cafe on a cool autumn’s day, all without having to leave your own home! Prepare to cozy up, whether your personal cafe is in the kitchen, on the couch, or at a windowsill with your own favorite cat. The collection brings together a menu of loungewear, casual wear, and goods for home & office inspired by Pusheen’s love for cafes, coffee, and staying cozy all season long.


Comfort starts at home with two of the latest additions to the shop. The Classic Pusheen Leggings features a subtle Pusheen pattern and cozy fit. They’re perfect for wearing while you cuddle up with the Deluxe Pusheen Plush, one of our softest and biggest plushes yet!

We’re also serving up two fresh new looks with the addition of the Catpusheeno Unisex Tee and Catfe Drinks Ladies Tee. You don’t have to be a barista to appreciate the sweet puns on these tees!


Accessorize your go-to cozy fall outfits with new Donut Pusheen and Catpusheeno Iron-On PatchesWith an easy to apply iron-on backing, you can add Pusheen to your favorite bags, jackets, hats, and more!

Find the mug that best fits your mood with the featured kitchenware in the Cozy Cafe Collection such as the Pusheen Patterned Gold Foil Mug. You can even add a dash of cozy comfort to your workspace with the Donut Pusheen Mouse Pad and Cafe Pusheen Notepad.


Feeling ready to relax? You can start browsing the Cozy Cafe Collection today, only at Pusheen Shop! The Cozy Cafe Collection is a great first stop for early holiday gift ideas or simply a relaxing way to treat yourself as the weather outside starts to change.

Be sure to return to the Shop for seconds, as we’re already brewing up even more items to add to the collection soon. Can you guess some of our upcoming items in our teaser below?

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Pusheen Cafe Giveaway

Enter to win this Pusheen Cafe Prize Package!

ONE (1) lucky winner will receive:

Two (2) bags of Pusheen x Dark Matter Toebeans Coffee

Two (2) Cool Pusheen Gold Foil Mugs

Two (2) Pusheen x Dark Matter Limited Edition Pins

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Introducing Pusheen x Dark Matter Toebeans Coffee!

Pusheen has collaborated with Dark Matter to create Pusheen’s first ever licensed coffee. Toebeans Coffee is a unique new blend created by the Dark Matter team inspired by Pusheen and her personal favorite feature— her toes that look just like beans!

Toebeans Coffee is a coffee that exhibits flavor notes similar to a cookie that pairs nicely with Pusheen’s sweet tooth.

You can get your paws on a bag of Toebeans Coffee only at Pusheen Shop and at Dark Matter starting August 27th. And, as an added bonus, Toebeans Coffee will be available in two different package designs exclusive to each shop!

To celebrate the launch of Toebeans, a limited edition Pusheen x Dark Matter enamel pin will be available as well. The pin features Pusheen enjoying her own cup of coffee with the Dark Matter logo on the mug. This pin will only be available in limited quantities, so be sure to get yours while they’re still hot!

Head on over to Pusheen Shop to check out the collection today!

About Dark Matter Coffee

Dark Matter Coffee is a Chicago based company dedicated to using their skill and expertise to craft innovating and naturally flavored coffee. They dedicate themselves to traceability and responsibility when it comes to sourcing coffee to ensure fair trade and a quality product. As such, they have established fair and direct partnerships with farmers around the world in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Mexico.

You can learn more about Dark Matter by visiting their website.