Take a Sneak Peek at the Latest Pusheen Box

The arrival of spring brings warm sunlight, fresh gardens, and a new Pusheen Box! Pusheen loves exploring and relaxing outside, so we’re embracing a beautiful botanical theme for this box.

Pusheen Box is a subscription box that is delivered straight to your door four times a year. Each box contains a selection of exclusive Pusheen items that you won’t find anywhere else! Previous boxes have included different surprises focused around themes like baking in the kitchen with Pusheen and getting active with exercise.

While the spring Pusheen Box will be arriving soon and is already sold out,there’s still plenty of time to subscribe to receive our next box this summer! You can head on over to to subscribe now and make sure you’re signed up to get the next box.


If you want to be surprised by what’s arriving in the Spring Box, don’t look ahead!


Pusheen Box has you covered for relaxing at home this season with a beautiful robe! This silky soft piece is perfect for lounging around any time of day. With a leafy botanical print featuring a frolicking Pusheen, this robe will put a spring in your step!


As you relax in the spring sunshine, sipping on your favorite beverage is essential. Enjoy your favorite springtime brew with a matching Pusheen water infuser, a glass bottle with a specialized basket for holding your favorite tea leaves or infusion. Perfect for hot herbal teas or an iced fruit blend.

Each Pusheen Box showcases an exclusive vinyl figure. This season’s box includes a new figure that features Pusheen sitting comfortably in a vibrant potted plant! If you don’t exactly have the greenest thumbs, don’t worry— the leaves are part of the figure too, so gardeners of all levels can enjoy this Pusheen plant figure!

Plus even more surprises!

Keep up with your health with a “How I Feel” Wellness Notepad, presented by Sloth (the sloth). Whether you’re feeling excited, lazy, or super lazy, Sloth’s here for you to work out your thoughts.

This wooden tray features a printed Pusheen, so you can set up an array of your favorite treats on your patio or desk or enjoy a chill breakfast-in-bed.

Take some time for mindfulness with a Pusheen Incense Holder Dish. Combined with your favorite calming scents, Pusheen will help you find your center to meditate at home or simply enjoy a pleasant aroma at home.

And just when you thought you couldn’t get any cozier, this Pusheen heating pad is ready to help achieve your ultimate chill vibes. Simply heat the pad in the microwave for a few seconds before slipping it into the protective cover and apply to your muscles and joints to help soothe and relax. You can even freeze it to double as an ice pack to help stay cool!

Be sure to add some vibrant colors to your spring décor with the Mini Wall Tapestry. Hang it up in your home or office to enjoy the warmth of Pusheen as she peeks out from a tableau of plants and flowers.

You won’t want to miss out on what’s coming up in the next Pusheen Box this summer, so make sure to order now!  Sign up at