Today’s Fan Friday is featuring a fresh twist on a favorite snack— and our favorite feline!

These delicious cookies come to us from Katrina, a baker who’s taken inspiration from the fierce Pusheenosaurus to create these imaginative treats. She’s combined the familiar green hues of our prehistoric Pusheen and avocados for a truly spot-on batch of macarons!

To see more of Katrina’s culinary creations, check out her Instagram page, @sugardevotion.

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Today’s edition of Fan Friday is bold and bright!

These deliciously bright and colorful Pusheen inspired cupcakes come to us from the kitchen of Danya Benavides. Not only do these sweet treats make an adorable centerpiece, but Danya has also created a video tutorial to follow along to make your own vivid and vibrant cupcakes at home!

You can take a closer look at what else she’s cooked up over on her Instagram page, @dokicakes.

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Let’s take a closer look this Fan Friday at this phenomenal Super Pusheenicorn Pie all the way from Pies Are Awesome. Take a look at the unbelievable rainbow of colors decorating the lattice of this delicious apple pie— simply stunning!

See her original post on Instagram, @thepieous, for an even closer look at how she created such a colorful masterpiece of a dessert.

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Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Pusheen, the internet’s favorite cartoon cat, with this colorful and fun collection of recipes filled with cookies, cakes, and
other delicious treats!

We love pizza. We love cookies. And we love Pusheen! One of our talented fans got the idea to combine all three to make some creatively delicious treats!

These cookies from Christina’s Cupcakes are specially decorated with all the tasty toppings of pizza slices and Pusheen’s excitement to dive right into the perfect Friday snack!

You can find even more delicious creations from this artist on her Instagram, @christinascupcakes.

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It’s the perfect time of year to watch the flowers outside come into full bloom— especially the lovely cherry blossoms!

These delightful eclairs were inspired by Pusheen and created by culinary artist, Christina. They make a perfect pairing and snack to have on hand while watching petals dance along in a gentle breeze.

You can see more of Christina’s creations on her Instagram, @christinascupcakes.

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Celebrating the Creativity of Pusheen Fans All Week Long!

As we reach the end of this weeks’ Fan Showcase, it’s time to party with even more cake!

Today we’re taking a delicious look at this Pusheen birthday cake created by Feby Christina. With lots of colorful frosting, sprinkles, and marshmallows, this cake is absolutely loaded up with some of Pusheen’s most favorite sweets! We adore the added ice cream cone to help top off the whole cake to match Pusheen’s own party hat!

You can see even more of Feby’s colorful cakes on her Instagram, @sweetpeachcake.

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Female hand holds a Narwhal Pusheen-themed cake pop. A Seal Pusheen and another Narwhal Pusheen cake pop are laying next to it surrounded by pink flowers and a white marble backdrop.We’re diving under the sea for this week’s Fan Friday, with two adorable Pusheenimals; Narwhal Pusheen and Seal Pusheen!

We simply can’t resist these delectable cake pops from Christina (@christinascupcakes). Each whimsical cake pop captures our Pusheenanimals friends perfectly, right now down to their sweetly crafted chocolate fins! They look so delicious that it’ll be hard not to eat them all!

You can see even more of Christina’s stunning creations on her Instagram, @christinascupcakes.

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Up, up, and away Pusheen and Stormy go for this week’s edition of Fan Friday!

Before they lift off to their next big adventure, let’s take a closer look at these dreamy meringue cookies created by fan Katrina! She’s assembled a purrfect presentation of this hot air balloon cookie. with extra fluffy, white cookie clouds adding an especially sweet touch!

To see more of Katrina’s cute cookie creations, check out her Instagram, @sugardevotion.

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Even when the weather outside is chilly, Pusheen and her friends still enjoy a cool treat!

For this week’s Fan Friday, we’re taking a closer look at these delicious Pusheen ice cream cookies from baker and Pusheen fan, Lisa Barbosa. Each sweet treat is decorated with Pusheen and Stormy enjoying all sorts of frozen treats! These cookies would make the perfect pairing with ice cream any time of year!

You can see even more of Lisa’s creations on her Instagram, @thecookiemint.

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