Pusheen already knows the joy of a warm loaf of bread, and for today’s Fan Friday, one creative fan is helping us take it one step further!

We’re turning the spotlight on Sachi Chen, who’s baked a loaf of sourdough bread shaped just like Pusheen! The additional detail of a cozy knit sweater on the crust is certainly an appetizing touch.  Get a closer look at this baked treat and more delectable creations from Sachi on her Instagram, @sourdoughwithsachi.

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With 2020 behind us, let’s look ahead and give a toast to a new year of Fan Fridays!

This delectable pie comes to us from Aida Arain, who’s celebrating the arrival of 2021 with a super sweet apple pie inspired by Pusheen and Stormy’s favorite way to ring in the new year. We’re sure it must’ve been pretty tempting to sneak a slice before midnight!

You can see more of Aida’s crafts and culinary delights over on her Instagram, @thecraftingfoodie.

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We love holiday decorations almost as much as we adore the flavors of the season and when the two are combined… well, that’s just plain magic!

We teamed up with Jessica from Pies Are Awesome to bake this unforgettable pie inspired by Pusheen’s holiday spirit! At first glance, it simply looks like everyone’s favorite lovable tabby dressed up like a Christmas tree, but take one small bite and it’s clear that this holiday dish is just as sweet as it is festive!

Holiday Pie Baking Tips from Jessica:
You can create your very own Pusheen Christmas pie with any kind of base pie! For the top design, bake between 12 – 16 minutes at 400 degrees on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Be sure to let the baked top design cool first before placing it on top of the base pie right after it comes out of the oven. This will ensure the two pieces fuse together!

You can find even more of Jessica’s baked creations and baking tips on Instagram at @thepieous.

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Just as the weather starts to get frosty, Roxie at @RoxStarBakes has taken her snowman building inside! This scrumptious Fan Friday features Pusheen enjoying her very own snowy creation.

We are just delighted by all the teeny, tiny details, and just look at that purrfect snow made of sugar and sprinkles!

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Cozy Naps… Delicious treats… Moments with loved ones…

…these are just a few of our favorite parts of Autumn!

This week’s Fan Friday celebrates all the things that make this time of year so special!  Lisa’s from @lxoetting and @pusheen.doodles Autumn Goals features adorable depictions of Pusheen and friends enjoying some comforting activities of the season. Which one speaks to you?

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