This week’s Fan Friday is going to the dogs! These Pugsheen macarons created by Stephanie are made with a dreamy raspberry rose buttercream filling and are so adorably bite-sized that they already have us begging for seconds. These pupsters make for the perfect finger-food to go along with her on-point Pugsheen manicure. Frankly, we find her style to be quite fetch-ing!

Find more of Stephanie’s custom nail art over on her Instagram, @jeealee.

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Art class is back in session, intrepid illustrators. Now that you have mastered the fine art of drawing Pusheen, it’s time for your next challenge— Pusheen’s adventurous little sister, Stormy! Round up your favorite art supplies, and prepare to follow along with our video tutorial to learn the perfect technique for drawing each and every one of Stormy’s fluffy curls.

This fan’s art takes Pusheen to the next dimension!

Pusheen has traded in her soft and round look for something a little more cubic in this week’s Fan Friday.

Voxel_Dude is an artist that specializes in creating vibrant illustrations using voxels, the three-dimensional cousins of pixels. In this illustration, he’s put together an adorable Pusheen made entirely out of voxels, giving a fun modern spin on Pusheen’s timeless style.

More of Voxel_Dude’s art can be found over on his Instagram account at @voxel_dude. And If you’ve created your own Pusheen fan art with a unique twist, be sure to share it with us using #PusheenFanFridays.

This is one kitty that really takes the cake!

What better way to finish off baking a delicious birthday cake than by using this Birthday Pusheen cake topper? This week’s Fan Friday showcases this adorable cake decoration crafted by Lynlee Beckett. This cake topper is oh so cute, we could just eat it up—literally! It’s no surprise since Lynlee makes all sorts of spectacular toppers for both cakes and cupcakes alike. Pusheen herself is looking pretty lovely with her little fondant paws and chocolate whiskers, and we can’t get over the tiny birthday presents and birthday hat accessories to fit the theme. We couldn’t possibly think of a sweeter way to celebrate a birthday with Pusheen!

You can find even more of Lynlee’s cake creations over on her Instagram (@lynleesweetlife).

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Portrait of the Artist and Pusheen

In this week’s Fan Friday, we’re shining a light on a Pusheen self-portrait by artist Hidayatul Fitriyani. Hidayatul’s illustrations are both playful and endearing, and she brings this same delightful energy to her Pusheen-filled painting.

We already adore the cozy look of the Pusheen Pink Sweater and beret combo, and they are just as cute an outfit when painted! Our favorite part of this portrait is the inclusion of Pusheen herself, decked out in both a warming red scarf and a classic winter sweater.

Make sure not to overlook Pusheen’s miniature cupcake to complimenting Hidayatul’s Polka Dot mug! As the weather now turns to spring, this is an extra detail that already has us missing the wonderful sights and smells of the colder seasons.

Hidayatul shares more of her art over on her Instagram (@nyanhf). Share your creative art with us by using #PusheenFanFriday, so we can see all your adorable Pusheen illustrations!