What Spooky Treats Await Inside This Fall’s Pusheen Box? (Beware of Spoilers!)

October 24, 2019

Take an inside look at all the surprises in the Halloween-themed Pusheen Box this fall

The latest Pusheen Box is just around the corner and features all sorts of tricks and treats for fans. We’ll be taking an inside look at the entire box, so if you’re a fan of surprises, watch out for some spooky spoilers ahead!

Pusheen Box is a quarterly subscription service that sends you a box full of Pusheen items every season. It contains limited edition and never before seen items that are only available in the box. Boxes are available in limited quantities and boxes for this fall have already sold out! These boxes should be shipping out soon, but if you missed out on this season’s box, never fear! You can subscribe today at to make sure you’re signed up to receive the next one!

Now let’s peek at what’s lurking inside this fall’s Pusheen Box… if you dare!


Witch Pusheen Color Changing Mug

First up is a mystical Midnight Meowgic color-changing mug, featuring Witch Pusheen brushing up on all of her latest spells. This exclusive mug magically changes color when filled with a warm brew.


Bat Pusheen Sticky Note Pad

These Bat Pusheen sticky notes are perfect for keeping track of all your notes and plans for building your perfect Halloween costume. And true to bat-form, you can even stick these notes upside down wherever you want!


Zombie Pusheen Vinyl Figure

Rising out of this Pusheen Box is a brand new exclusive vinyl figure! Zombie Pusheen makes her vinyl debut and is a frighteningly adorable addition to any Pusheen fan’s collection.


Pusheen Drawstring Pouch

This Drawstring Pouch certainly comes in handy for keeping any of your small belongings nearby. It’s also conveniently the perfect size for carrying around a few pieces of candy for a light snack.


Candy Corn Pusheen Plush

Next up is the sweetest item in this season’s box! This Mini Candy Corn Pusheen sits upright and is the perfect size for cuddling during the scary parts of any Halloween monster movie marathons.


Bat Pusheen Costume Hood

Stay warm and stay spooky this Halloween in a Bat Pusheen Costume Hood. Wearing this hood won’t transform you into an actual bat, though it’s still great for staying warm and cozy through the fall.


Pusheen Halloween Candy Jar

Keep your friends close and your candy closer with this mini Candy Jar. You can even catch a glimpse of Pusheen on the side enjoying some candy corn. This jar fits perfectly in any kitchen or at your desk and is great for sharing or storing your personal candy stash. (Sadly, the candy corn isn’t included.)


All of these exciting goodies will be arriving in the upcoming Pusheen Box this fall once they start shipping out in early October. Subscribers can expect their delivery to arrive in a green Zombie Pusheen decorated box around the week of October 20th to the 26th.

Remember to head on over to to subscribe to the next box and for more information!