The Many Lives of Pusheen the Cat

Enter the adorable world(s) of Pusheen! More than just your average tabby cat, Pusheen can be found in many different dimensions— from a beautiful meowmaid at the bottom of the sea to a pastel alien visiting from a faraway planet! Most often though, you'll find her by her food bowl.

The long-awaited sequel to Pusheen's best-selling book, I Am Pusheen the Cat, titled The Many Lives Of Pusheen The Cat, is launching on March 16!

This new book features both fan-favorite comics, as well as NEVER-BEFORE SEEN exclusive comics and artwork! The Many Lives of Pusheen the Cat features Pusheen in her many adorable forms, including Pusheenosaurus, Pusheenicorn, Pugsheen, and more!

Our newest book makes the purrfect addition to the library of any Pusheen fan. Also make sure to pick up a copy of I Am Pusheen the Cat, and Pusheen's unbelievably scrumptious cookbook, Let's Bake! too.

You can find The Many Lives of Pusheen the Cat at Pusheen Shop, your local bookstore, or any of the retailers listed below.