News Relaunches with New Store, Quizzes, Comics & More!

April 2, 2019

Welcome to the new, the official online home of Pusheen!

We’ve recently remodeled our website to make finding all things Pusheen as cute, easy, and fun as the lovable tabby herself with simple navigation and loads of fun treats and surprises for fans.

Check out our News section to keep up to date on all of Pusheen’s latest adventures! You’ll be the first to hear any announcements about the latest Pusheen pop-ups, collaborations, and events that we’re excited to share with you. You’ll even have access to exclusive giveaways and announcements for new products available exclusively in the new Pusheen Shop.

And because we know you’re curious, now is the perfect time to announce the all-new Pusheen Shop!

We are relaunching Hey Chickadee as Pusheen Shop, the official online shop for Pusheen merchandise. So don’t worry, you can still find all your favorite plushies, seasonal fashions, and adorable accessories, as well as tons of new products and gifts available exclusively on Pusheen Shop. Just head over to the shop section to see what’s in store!

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If you’re feeling lazy, you can kick back and relax with an entire archive of Pusheen comics. We’ve made the whole backlog of classic Pusheen adventures easily searchable so you can find exactly the right comic whether you’re in the mood for cute cats, holiday fun, or every Sloth comic ever— and really, you should always be in the mood for more Sloth.

Our comics section is where you’ll always find all the latest Pusheen comics and animations, so be sure to check in often and see what’s new!

Maybe you want to know when Pusheen’s birthday is? Or what exactly Stormy likes to do for fun? And what is Cheek hiding in those cheeks of his anyway? Get all your purr-ning questions  about Pusheen and all her friends answered over in the Characters section and discover where else you can find them on the site.

And we’ve got even more surprises in store for fans over in the new Fun section! Kickstart your day by aligning your stars with weekly Horoscopes or put your Pusheen knowledge to the test with puzzling quizzes and personality tests. Newsletter subscribers can also get their paws on exclusive downloadable wallpapers and printable activities, so make sure you don’t miss a single one by signing up today to our newsletter!

For both new and longtime Pusheen fans, there’s so much to see, do, and love on the all-new! So go ahead and bundle up with your favorite cat (or pug… or sloth), pull up a slice of pizza, and get ready to have some awesomely adorable fun with Pusheen!