5 Fun Things For You to Discover on

June 17, 2019

Have you checked out the new Fun section on yet? While our new homepage is the perfect place to catch up on recent comics and adventures, the fun section is also home to even more fun activities and surprises for fans! Here are five different ways you can discover the fun things available on!

1. Horoscopes

We all could use a little extra guidance from time to time and Pusheen is here to help! Monthly and yearly Horoscopes are available to offer some astrological assistance with a unique Pusheen twist. Whether you’re dying to know if it’s a good time to get started on that next big project or looking for a sign you need to take more catnaps, find out what’s ahead by seeing what’s written in the stars with Pusheen!

2. Free Wallpapers & Printables

Subscribers to the Pusheen newsletter can gain exclusive access to free wallpapers for your phone (and other devices) and printable activities and crafts, all featuring Pusheen! It’s a great way to change up your phone’s look and discover new activities and crafts perfect for sharing the fun of Pusheen with your friends. Go ahead and download yours today, each freebie is only available for a limited time! (Just remember to sign up for our newsletter and a Pusheen Shop account first!)

3. Quizzes

Fancy yourself a Pusheen expert? Put those skills to the test by taking our quiz to see how big of a Pusheen fan you really are. Or maybe you’re not quite as competitive—that’s okay! Our specially trained team of on-staff cat experts have created other quizzes designed to determine what kind of Pusheen you just might be and to help figure out what kind of pet is perfect for you!

4. Giveaways & Events

If you aced that Pusheen quiz, you’d know that it’s her number one goal to make friends all over the world (that’s a free hint). You can keep up with some of Pusheen’s worldwide adventures right here on! Find out about parties and pop-ups happening near you, like the debut of the first ever Pusheen Café! If you can’t make it to an event, you can still have a chance to take home the Pusheen experience with exclusive prize pack giveaways offered monthly by Pusheen Shop!

5. ???

Well, that should just about be everything you can find in the Fun section, we don’t really know what else there is to… hey, wait, what’s up with that one button?