Find Your Phone’s Summer Style With These 4 New Pusheen Wallpapers

July 1, 2019

New summer wallpapers have arrived at Pusheen Shop!

Newsletter subscribers can use their Shop accounts to gain access to free exclusive wallpapers for phones and other devices to match your summertime vibes. We’ve got a sneak peek of the wallpapers available for July, including a sparkling pattern of Pusheen and Stormy as mermaids, Pusheen looking too cool for school catching some waves on a surfboard, and more!

Don’t forget that newsletter subscribers can get free monthly printables on Pusheen Shop too! This month, add a relaxing flair to your summer drinks with a festive Pusheen straw umbrella that you can print and craft at home.

Visit the Freebies section of Pusheen Shop to download your new wallpapers today!