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Ambitious, independent, and energetic. Aries likes to lead the way and try new things – just don’t disagree with them!

Ruling planet: Mars

Lucky Gem: Diamond

Lucky Color: Red

Element: Fire

Likes: Making new friends, loyalty, fun challenges

Dislikes: Boredom, being ignored, having to wait

Best Feature: Has the curliest horns

Hobby: Playing outside

Words to Live By: I do what I want! 

May27 — June 2, 2019 

It’s a lazy, hazy week, Aries. This Monday has a sensitive, dreamy quality purr-fect for catnaps on the beach (or post BBQ). The Moon moves into your own fiery corner of the zodiac on Tuesday and keeps you glowing until Thursday. It’s all about your super charismatic cat-ittude— your feline friends can’t get enough of your charm. Neptune, the planet of compassion and illusion, plays a huge role in the astrology on Wednesday and Thursday. Work the contrast between your real-world power and your psychic power. 

December 2020

At the beginning of this month, Aries, you may find yourself itching for adventure. Stretch your paws towards opportunities that will allow you to expand out of your comfort zone.

The Full Moon is bringing on all the feels at the middle of this month as it enters the watery sign of Cancer in your house of emotions. You’re safe to let your guard down and be yourself. Embracing your feelings is one of the bravest things you can do.

By the end of this month you are ready to get down to business, thanks to several planets entering the industrious sign of Capricorn in your house of career. If you are feeling more like a boss this month, that feeling is totally normal. Fasten your fancy collar and be prepared to work towards your biggest career aspirations. You are ready to take a giant pounce forward with your work. Don’t let anything hold you back.


This is your million-megawatt power year, Aries!

With lucky Jupiter in your sister fire sign through December, you’re a worldly glamor-puss through the end of 2019. Uranus brings a bit of revolution to your relationship with money starting in March – you might be called to an entirely new way of earning income.

You will achieve financial independence in the next few years, Ram – and the deep transformation starts right now. This fuels your sense of adventure and makes you crave travel like crazy, almost all the time. One healthy way to feed this craving is to get on the road as early and often as possible – even a short weekend trip once a month. You need to see more of the world, even if it’s just a jaunt out of your local neighborhood. Just keep a bell on your collar so you can always find your way home again.

It won’t be hard to do in early July, when a powerful New Moon eclipse comes to your domestic zone, beckoning you to work though old feelings and connect to your family. Make time for curling up, napping and nesting – and setting intentions for your nest six months of chilling at home.

Relationships are super intense both in late March and again in the fall– but Venus brings an extra touch of sweetness between September and October. Dot October 11th with hearts and fire emojis because the Full Moon in your own sign is going to be HOT.

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Strong and dependable, yet stubborn. Taurus will always be there for you, but don’t try to change them!
Ruling planet: Venus

Lucky Gem: Emerald

Lucky Color: Pink

Element: Earth

Likes: Food, beauty, music

Dislikes: Being rushed, being disturbed

Best Feature: Can carry all your luggage. Easily.
Hobby: Sleeping under an 1800 thread count duvet.
Words to Live By: There’s always room for dessert. Always.

May27 — June 2, 2019 

Hope you’re enjoying the three-day weekend, Taurus! The stars suggest that you make the week all about your litter mates— in other words, surround yourself with your favorite squad. There’s a powerful psychic vibe in the air and you may even understand what your friends mean to say before they’ve opened their mouths to meow. Later in the week your romantic life might seem a bit strange while your ruler Venus mixes with Neptune and Saturn. Steady yourself by keeping all four paws on the ground.  

December 2020

At the very beginning of this month, Taurus, you may feel like your love life is heating up. With Mars and Mercury entering your house of relationship, lots of kitty kisses might become your new love language. Enjoy this new momentum in your purr-sonal life.

If you feel like there are some things you need to get off your chest in the middle of this month, that’s likely because the Full Moon in Cancer will be shining down in your house of communication. Meow your deepest feelings to yourself and others. This will help you catnap more peacefully.

There will be an abundance of earthy energy at the end of the month all in the sign of Capricorn in your house of higher learning. It’s time to finish that homework you started long ago. Instead of kneading at your bedcovers all day, crack open your books and expand your mind. You will be glad you didn’t give up on your commitment to learning.


2019 is your year to be intensely fur-midable, Taurus. Revolutionary Uranus charges into your stars on March 6th and he’ll be by your side until 2026, making you into the risk-taker you’ve always longed to be. This might at first feel like sticking your paw into an electric socket, but you’ll get used to the constant surges of power and transformation soon enough. The bottom line is that this year, you’re going to learn how to roll with some inevitable shifts. With lucky Jupiter firing up your house of change through December, you’re even better equipped to push through problems, and better yet – willing to embrace emotional vulnerability – even when it’s scary. Your birthday season is fierce and your sweet ruler Venus will pour loads of loveliness into your life from mid-May through early June – this is the purr-fect time to get into grooming, so book your stylist in advance. The eclipses in July and again in December strengthen your communication skillset – and can make you a lot smarter in the process. Saturn and Pluto will push you toward worldly wisdom all year long, and in December, lucky Jupiter will join them. Travel isn’t just fun as 2019 closes out – it’s totally enlightening.

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Witty, chatty, and ever curious. Gemini always lands on their feet!
Ruling planet: Mercury

Lucky Gem: Tiger’s Eye & Emerald 

Lucky Color: Yellow

Element: Air

Likes: Talking, playing tricks, novelty

Dislikes: Being bored, wasting time, being alone

Best Feature: Double the toe beans

Hobby: Bonding with their reflection

Words to Live By: Be your own best friend! 

May27 — June 2, 2019 

With Neptune playing a major role in this week’s stars, it may be challenging to know the difference between your daydreams and IRL re-purr-cussions. Just go with it, Gemini— especially when it comes to your career. Trust that there is magic afoot and rely on your creative talents to get you through any challenging moments. What at first seems like a problem might just be a major boon for your professional life.  

December 2020

What is it that you absolutely love to do for others, Gemini? With Mars and Mercury in your house of service at the beginning of this month, the Universe is scratching at the door, looking for an answer to this question. Answer and you may find yourself led towards greater fulfillment.

With the Full Moon in Cancer in your house of money, it’s time to be purr-fectly honest about whether or not money can buy what you truly value. Are you investing your resources in the right places, or are you wasting it on things that might not matter in the long run? It’s better to invest in what truly makes you feel happy right now.

By the end of the month several planets in Capricorn are flooding your house of secrets and personal power. Dig deep in the backyard of your mind, because right now you could find some hidden strengths within that you might not have ever known were there. It’s a great time for therapy, energy work, and meditation to unlock all your inner resources.


2019 is all about striving for absolutely paws-itive relationships, Gemini. If you’re looking for that special someone with whom to cuddle and purr, this is your year to swipe right into a lasting partnership. If you’re already in something serious, lucky Jupiter will help you grow together and make your connection stronger than ever before. Radical Uranus pushes his way into Taurus on March 6th and he’ll remain in your dream zone for the long haul.  This can initially cause some nervousness, overthinking and even a bit of insomnia, just because your mind is likely to race with brilliant new ideas. Try chamomile tea or a spritz of lavender before bed, and keep a journal on your nightstand to record your amazing, insightful dreams. Eclipses in July and December up the ante on your financial status – it’s time to claw your way to the top of the litter and get the income you deserve. Saturn and Pluto will push you to the depths of emotional intimacy and brave vulnerability all year – and in December Jupiter will join them, making your closest relationships even deeper and sweeter.

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Helpful, sensitive, and caring. Cancer loves to protect and take care of their friends & family!

Ruling planet: Moon

Lucky Gem:  Ruby & Pearl

Lucky Color: Violet

Element: Water

Likes: Staying home, cooking/baking, comfort

Dislikes: Rudeness, being misunderstood

Best Feature: Always invited to ribbon-cutting ceremonies

Hobby: Hiding in the sand

Words to Live By: Why go out when you could just stay in?

May27 — June 2, 2019 

You won’t likely be a crabby cat this week, because the stars are about to deliver your favorite astro-vibes. With mystical Neptune in command of the universe, everything feels magical for this entire week. Just note that Friday is a bit more complex as Venus and Saturn challenge your relationships. You’ll pass the test with purr-fect flying colors, of course. Spend the weekend with your kitty clan as the Moon will be in your house of friends.  

December 2020

It’s high time you unfurled your favorite ball of string and focused on your playful side, Cancer. At the beginning of this month, with Mars and Mercury in your house of play and children, you are feeling motivated to embrace your silly side.

The Full Moon in the middle of the month is in your natal sign of Cancer, which has you feeling right at home in this energy. The Full Moon falls in your house of inner bravery and is telling you not to tip toe around expressing your brightest, most courageous self. Get on with your bad self.

By the end of the month, an abundance of planetary energy enters your house of relationships in the rather serious sign of Capricorn. This energy is a mixed bag for you. On the one hand you may decide that pouncing over backwards for some of your feline friends just isn’t worth it right now. Meanwhile, other friends may show up right when you need them. Pay close to attention to which friends are which and set your New Moon intentions to attract your very best friends and partners in life.


Your work life is totally paw-some in 2019, Cancer. With auspicious Jupiter pouring positivity into your house of productivity and wellness through December, you’re balanced, organized, and ready to get down to business. Uranus charges into Taurus on March 6th, bringing some radical changes to your social life. Whether you want to find cool new followers online or form a squad that’s better aligned with your values, this revolutionary planet will push you to take risks. The biggest story of the year, however, is the new eclipse cycle hitting your own stars – this brings a major karmic shift toward living your #bestlife and uplifting your catitude. On July 2nd, the New Moon/Solar Eclipse comes home to Cancer – and it can help you set your agenda for the next six months. Relationships are also in the crosshairs of this eclipse cycle and this will come up again at the end of the year – on Christmas. With Pluto and Saturn pushing you to intense interactions with partners, you’re learning more about yourself than you ever thought you would.

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Fun-loving, proud, and the life of the party. Leo is a natural born leader and a friend for life, but don’t steal their thunder!

Ruling planet: Sun

Lucky Gem: Carnelian

Lucky Color: Gold

Element: Fire

Likes: Grand gestures, being social, performing

Dislikes: Being one-upped, being ignored, laziness.

Best Feature: A purrfectly manicured mane

Hobby: Basking under a warm spotlight

Words to Live By: There’s only two types of people in the world: Me…and everyone else

May27 — June 2, 2019 

The stars bring some seriously su-purr-ior magic this week, Leo lovely. An extended weekend is perfect for connections so spend it with bae whether you’re at the beach or the just cuddling at home. May turns into June on Caturday and the new month demands that you kick your career into high gear. Don’t go around chasing your tail– take a leap and land on your feet.  

December 2020

At the start of this month, the planets are asking you to focus on your feelings…even though you would much rather be celebrating how cool a cat you are, Leo. Mars and Mercury are in the sign of Scorpio in the home and feelings house, asking you to renovate one of these purr-sonal areas of your life. It’s a great time to transform your house or your emotions. The meow-mentum is with you.

During the middle of this month the Full Moon in Cancer enters your house of dreams. It may be difficult to define exactly what you must release right now, but your dreams will give you some pretty big clues. Allow yourself to pounce into the unknown mystery of your soul.

At the end of the month the New Moon and several other Capricorn planets enter your house of work. It’s time to tackle the projects you have been looking to complete. Save all your napping for Cat-urday’s and Sunday’s! You have the energy to accomplish a lot right now so ride this wave of meow-mentum.


Get ready to ROAR though 2019, Leo lovely. The stars bring you heaps of romance and creativity all year long, thanks to lucky Jupiter. This super auspicious planet will light up your love life through December as he hangs out in Sagittarius, your sister fire sign. After Uranus blasts into Taurus on March 6th, you’ll be inspired to take the biggest professional risks of your entire life – you’re ready to do something HUGE to further your career. In fact, if you fail to push your own limits, you might become extremely bored with your current line of work. The best way to avoid hissing and scratching at the office is to make sure your mind is fully stimulated. The July and December eclipses activate your mind-body relationship – are you meditating enough, eating healthy, managing stress, and getting enough sleep? If not, the stars could knock you temporarily out of alignment until you schedule in self-care. By the end of the year, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter all stack up in your work zone. This takes into something of a productivity frenzy just as 2020 begins. Consider this year a prep session for one of the most successful periods of your life – it’s time to lay that fabulous groundwork, and make yourself red-carpet ready. Trust that there will be many copycats – but you’ll always know you were the original influencer.

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Organized, sophisticated, and kind. Virgo is the best friend who will always be there to give you good advice.

Ruling planet: Mercury

Lucky Gem: Peridot

Lucky Color: Silver

Element: Earth

Likes: Planning, self care, small animals, to-do lists

Dislikes: Lateness, things being out of order, complaining

Best Feature: Knows which flowers are edible

Hobby: Digging holes in the garden

Words to Live By: Sharp claws, sharp mind, sharp dresser

May27 — June 2, 2019 

This week’s astrology is magical and mystical, especially for your most important relationships. The Moon is in your partnership zone on Monday, making the holiday extra sweet for your one-to-one alliances. The rest of the workweek highlights Neptune, which can make things a bit confusing but still very paws-itive. Wait it out, Virgo— don’t pounce too fast. By the time June arrives on Saturday, you’ll know for sure that you’re moving fur-ward and no one can stop you.  

December 2020

You feel like there is so much to meow about at the beginning of this month, Virgo. It’s time to embrace your inner chatterbox with Mars and Mercury moving through your house of communication.

The tender Cancer Full Moon enters your house of friendship and communication in the middle of this month. It’s a great time to reflect on those in your life that you’re most thankful for. Spend extra time with your feline friends and purr at the Moon together.

By the end of the month, as we enter Capricorn season, several planets and the New Moon enter your house of celebration. However, it’s not all fun and games with Saturn and Pluto joining the party. The Sun, Jupiter and the New Moon are also jockeying for position here, allowing you to let your mane down at least a little bit and enjoy yourself. Balancing work and play will yield the best results.


2019 is all about mega-expansion, kitten. The sky isn’t even the limit when it comes to living luxe all year long. The big eclipse seasons arriving in July and then again in December speed up colossal change. The life arenas most impacted are long-term goals, mixing and mingling, and even bae. In fact, your whole love story script is in the process of a major upgrade as you get ready to pounce on new opportunities that better align with living your best life. Uranus, the planet of quirky surprises could bring some unexpected new teachers, guides or coaches into your life in the most bizarre but purr-fact of ways. No more lowering your standards (read: settling) even a smidge. It’s integrity or bust when it comes to all matters of the heart. You’re gearing up for the year-end finale of the triple threat powers of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter all joining forces in your romance zone. To say that you’re raising the bar when it comes to your love life is an understatement. Only the best of the best will do for you this year, Virgo.

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Trustworthy, fair, and charming. Libra is always ready to lend an ear and give advice!

Ruling planet: Venus

Lucky Gem: Sapphire 

Lucky Color: Blue

Element: Air

Likes: Harmony, loyalty, thank you notes

Dislikes: Mayhem, messes, criticism

Best Feature: Always knows how to balance their time

Hobby: Staring very intensely

Words to Live By: Be picky

May27 — June 2, 2019 

Work is the cure for whatever ails you, Libra— but weirdly on your day off. That doesn’t mean you have to trade in the beach or the BBQ for your desk but do find time to cross a few items off your list. With the Moon moving into your opposite sign from Tuesday to Thursday, you may be less in the mood to get down to business. But when your ruler Venus trines Saturn on Friday, you’re back to feeling totally paw-some and in control.   

December 2020

You may be feeling like you want to boost your earning power at the beginning of this month, Libra. With Mars and Mercury in your house of finances you might be pouncing towards all the kitty coin you can get!

The Full Moon in Cancer in your career house during the middle of this month may illuminate some deeper feelings you are having about your public purr-sona. Is there something you would like to shift to create the most paw-thentic version of yourself? This is also a great time to re-evaluate your home and work-life balance.

This same theme continues as several planets in the career-minded sign of Capricorn enters the house of your domestic life. If anybody can master the need for balance, it’s you, Libra. Find your center again and know that your home life and work life can work together harmoniously.


2019 brings the truth serum in ample amounts, Libra. When you’re a straight shooting cat without the usual worries of pleasing everyone, you tap into unbelievable powers of persuasion. Your relationships begin to stabilize after March when the erratic influence of Uranus leaves your partner zone after a nine-year shake-up.  Other central highlights of  the year include a constant toggle between home and career. Balance is that ever elusive art form that you dominates your life. Harmonizing your domestic world with professional demands is sure to stretch you to new levels, especially during the dramatic eclipse seasons arriving in July and December. If you work hard, be sure you play even harder to keep the purr factor in good standing. Equipoise is best achieved by knowing your limits and using the power of no, even with the fear of ruffling some feathers. Putting your home and family life as top priority totally pays off towards the end of the year as the triple conjunction of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter align in your home zone. A dream sanctuary becomes a viable reality. Do all the things in 2019, gorgeous!

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Authentic, intense, and loyal. Scorpio will be a friend for life, but watch out for that stinger!

Ruling planets: Pluto, Mars

Lucky Gems: Topaz & Opal 

Lucky Color: Black

Element: Water

Likes: Mysteries, being right, winning

Dislikes: Strangers, know-it-alls

Best Feature: All of them, not to put too fine a point on it

Hobby: Sashaying up and down the catwalk

Words to Live By: Trust no one… (except me, you can trust me)

May27 — June 2, 2019 

The stars are just your speed this week, Scorpio. With the Moon in your sweet, mystical sister water sign of Pisces on Monday, this week is going to be is pure magic. If it feels crazy romantic, you’re right on track. If that’s not happening for you, dive into creativity to get a taste of this amazing energy be-fur it disappears. Relationships are super stable and magnificent on Friday and all weekend long thanks to Venus and Saturn.  

December 2020

You may find yourself standing out from the feline crowd at the beginning of this month, Scorpio. With Mars and Mercury in your natal sign in the house of individuality, the stars are encouraging you to jump outside the box and be yourself completely.

During the middle of the month the Full Moon enters the sign of Cancer and illuminates your house of higher learning and travel. While you may prefer the type of adventures that occur in the mind, the stars are encouraging you to come out and play with some new and different types of felines, places, and things. Don’t arch your back at any new sign of expansion. Instead, come out of your comfort zone and explore something new.

At the end of the month, several planets along with the New Moon enter your house of communication. Set some tangible goals for the coming year to become more effective with your words. It’s time to take responsibility for what you say and how you say it.


2019 is all about stashing the cash, kitty. You’ve got the fab fortune of Jupiter amping up your financial flow all year long. It’s also easy to blow the bank but you can master your saving skills at the end of the year when the heavy weight planets join forces in the conservative sign of Capricorn. In the mean time, you have cosmic permission to live like a baller. Mark the momentous months of July and December as pivotal turning points personal change and a learning curve to keep you on your paws all year long. This March brings an electric shift to your love life as the planet of unexpected changes and surprises, Uranus rocks your relationship world. You might even surprise yourself with how radical your new attitude is towards your whole approach to dating, mating and relating. You’re ready to break your own rules and re-write your love contracts in ways that revolutionize the way you show up in all your one-to-ones. Liberation is one of your big themes of the year!

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Adventurous, driven, and creative. Sagittarius loves to travel and party!

Ruling planet: Jupiter

Lucky Gem: Topaz

Lucky Color: Light Blue

Element: Fire

Likes: Adventure, traveling, parties

Dislikes: Being held back, the same old routine, sitting still

Best Feature: Half majesty, half precision

Hobby: Laser hunting

Words to Live By: Travel, eat, party, repeat

May27 — June 2, 2019 

The planets are pouring some serious mysticism into the universe this week, Sagittarius. The Moon is in Pisces on Monday, making you want to stay close to home on the holiday. Things pick up from Tuesday to Thursday— with lunar energy in your sister sign of Aries, you might feel super romantic or creative (or better yet, both). At mew-nimum, you’re ready to launch into something new and super fun. Don’t get lost in the details– focus on the big picture.  

December 2020

Your spiritual fire is burning at the beginning of this month, Sagittarius. With Mars and Mercury moving through your house of spirituality, it’s time to dig deep into the practices that support you the most. Feel free to meditate, do some cat/cow yoga postures, or connect to your spirit in your own unique way. Explore your options.

The Full Moon in Cancer is in your house of the subconscious mind in the middle of the month. This is a great time to examine any beliefs that keep you from stepping into your paw-tential. Release any negative beliefs under the light of the Moon!

By the end of the month the major focus of the planets and the New Moon is going to be on your bank account. Put some new paw-sitive structures in place to support the flow of your resources.


2019 is your year to rise and shine, Sagi bb. Your lucky star Jupiter is in your very own adventurous sign through December, making this one of the most auspicious phases you’ve experienced in a long time – so don’t waste a second! Your natural curiosity often gets you into trouble, but this year you’ll feel like you’ve got a lot more than just nine lives – because no matter what creative risks you take, you keep landing on your feet. After Uranus moves into Taurus in early March, expect some major twists and turns at work – you’re about to start feeling restless and potentially mega-bored at your current gig. Find ways to make it exciting, even if you have to knock a few items off the shelves to get your colleagues’ attention. Eclipses bring all the feels in July and again in December – you might be a bit emotional about your money situation, but that’ll only serve to motivate you into action. After your ruler Jupiter leaves your sign at the end of the year, he sets the stage for a totally luxe 2020.

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Hard-working, focused, and driven. Capricorn means business!

Ruling planet: Saturn

Lucky Gem: Lapis Lazuli

Lucky Color: Dark Blue

Element: Earth

Likes: Perfectly organized spreadsheets, freshly swept floors

Dislikes: Mess, laziness

Best Feature: Can swim and eat at the same time

Hobby: Swimming and eating

Words to Live By: Always be one step ahead! 

May27 — June 2, 2019 

This week was made for epic catnaps and chilling with your besties. You might be in the mood to gossip with the Moon in your communication zone. Just avoid spilling the kind of secrets that can get you into a catfight later on. Romance and mysticism rule the whole week with Neptune pouring a gauzy fog over all your thoughts and feelings. But Venus meets up with your ruler Saturn on Friday, bringing back some of the practical reality that you pre-fur  

December 2020

You may feel chock full of great ideas for your future at the start of this month, Capricorn. Mars and Mercury are whirling through your house of future goals and aspirations. Enjoy this fresh energy that is helping you figure out your next steps.

In the middle of this month, the Full Moon goes into Cancer in your house of relationships. Nuzzle up to your favorite feline friend and speak from your heart. Expressing what’s going on in your soul may make your whiskers twitch, but the stars and moon have your back.

As we enter your season later this month, several planets including the New Moon are in your house of identity. It’s time for you to claim your feline fabulousness and let yourself shine! You are meant to be seen, heard, and appreciated for exactly who you are. Be bold and brave and this energy will help carry you through the winter season. You can truly climb and scale every wall now!


2019 is the cat’s meow, Capricorn. You’ve got the lucky planet of fortune and fame, Jupiter lighting up your zone of imagination and foreign travel all year long. It’s a go big or go home vibe all year long. Money is a major theme and the lessons are getting real— especially the deeper into the year we go. Getting your finances in order is key to supporting every other arena of success in your life. Your creativity is off the charts compliments of the planet of experimentation and genius, Uranus giving you the green light on your best future-forward projects starting after March. Plus, with the pressure of three major planetary energies pushing you to greatness, there is no hiding in the shadows. Few kittens work harder than you do. Watch for ground-breaking shifts arising during the two stormy eclipse seasons dropping in July and December. Everything is up for change, but trust that the cosmos is working in your favor to push you next level. It’s all about the upgrade so don’t you dare refuse to settle for anything less than stellar, bb.

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Problem-solver, humanitarian, and independent. Aquarius has it figured out!

Ruling planets: Uranus, Saturn

Lucky Gem: Turquoise

Lucky Color: Turquoise

Element: Air

Likes: Real adventurers, being reasonable, a good story

Dislikes: Being bored, people who knock over their water jug

Best Feature: Always stays hydrated

Hobby: Knocking over flower vases

Words to Live By: Listen, I’ve got a plan

May27 — June 2, 2019 

Luxury living is on your mind this week, Aquarius. With the Moon in your money zone, you may want to splurge on expensive cat toys you don’t necessarily need. On one paw, you’re feeling fur-tunate, but on the other, you may not bother to check your bank balance. That kind of messy confusion is in force through Thursday thanks to dreamy Neptune. If you can take a few extra days off and dedicate them to series of catnaps, you’ll win the week. 

December 2020

The beginning of this month starts with a bang as Mercury and Mars move through the house of career. You will be feeling fierce and expressive and bringing this energy to work will earn you some major brownie points.

In the middle of the month the Full Moon in Cancer moves into your health house. Now is an excellent time to take care of your emotional well-being. What activities help you feel more paws-itive about life and which ones make you feel you want to hide under the bed? It’s time to be honest with yourself and let the moon reveal your truest essence.

At the end of the month it’s time to blast off like the cat-stronaut you are. Your imagination is being activated by several planets and the New Moon in your most dreamy house. Enjoy this time of expansion and express your creative sides!


2019 is about everything extra, Miss Aqua- Kitty. Jupiter, the planet of abundance and excess is gracing your friends zone all the way ’til December. Your popularity is totally on the rise, so work that social media presence and watch your following quadruple in no time. The big shifts arise in July and then again December compliments of eclipse season. You’re in the midst of shaking up your own status quo on a daily basis. All of the personal changes of 2018 are seeing their fab pay-offs now as you take risks you never dreamed were possible, darling. And you will of course kill it with your genius. Your ruling planet, Uranus lights up the base of your chart starting in March giving you every reason to radically revolutionize your home base. Does this mean moving across country or even overseas or just totally revamping your current digs? In any case, your home life will never be the same. You’re ready to take beauty next level, Aquarius.

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Caring, thoughtful, a good friend to the end!

Ruling planets: Neptune, Jupiter

Lucky Gem: Moonstone

Lucky Colors: Sea Green, Aqua

Element: Water

Likes: Big gatherings, parties, group-texts

Dislikes: Disorder, lies, sharks

Best Feature: Never thirsty

Hobby: Daydreaming about fancy snacks

Words to Live By: You know I’ve got your back!

May27 — June 2, 2019 

This week brings your purr-fect cosmic dream times a thousand. With the Moon in your own mystical, magical sign on Monday and your ruler Neptune in a powerful position for most of the work week, everything’s coming up Pisces. When lunar energy moves into your financial zone on Tuesday, money is your main meow-tivation. Know your true worth, because these stars are totally priceless. There couldn’t be a better meow-ment to ask for the raise you deserve.  

December 2020

The meow-mentum begins this month in your house of public image, Pisces. Mars and Mercury in the powerful sign of Scorpio are granting you the op-purr-tunity to shine in the public eye. Prepare to pounce onto the world stage with confidence.

In the middle of the month, the Full Moon in Cancer is illuminating your house of children and playfulness. This would be a great time to connect to your inner kitten and enjoy your favorite and most meaningful playtime activities. Look to your past childhood experiences under the light of this Moon for what you may enjoy the most right meow!

At the end of the month you will be feeling much more focused on your future goals. There is a big push of Capricorn energy entering your goals house, and the planets are encouraging you to stay the course with what you have planned for your life. This is not a time to throw in the towel or spend all day napping in a ray of sunshine. So no more kitten around! It’s time to buckle down your collar and get serious about planning your future.


2019 is teeming with treats, Pisces. Starting with career, your status is nothing less than lit. The stars are celebrating your creative powers in big lights. Yep, it’s one of those lucky and blessed phases where your hard work is finally reaping the pay-off phase you so deserve. March could bring the reunion of some of your old pals or crushes compliments of a Mercury Retrograde landing in your very own stars. The whopper eclipse seasons arriving in July and December will stir up the story with friends and amours. When life moves fast, you have to know what your priorities are, kitten. This is the year you’ll get clear about who you want to curl up with and when to bring out the claws. Communication gets electric when the planet of surprises moves into your think, text and meow zone starting this March for the next several years. It’s like there’s no more filter or censor on your speech assuring life will be nothing short of interesting and exhilarating, bb.